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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Happy Chinese New Year....2/15/2018 ---2/29 /2018...

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Image result for happy chinese new year flashing 

  in 2021, it will be oxen year


Image result for 2018 new year gala in beijing   german ministaer
Image result for 【Classical Chinese Opera】20180101 | CCTV Opera  Xi xiangji read by Jia Baoyu and Lin Daiyu

Image result for 【Classical Chinese Opera】20180101 | CCTV Opera 
Image result for 【Classical Chinese Opera】20180101 | CCTV Opera 

Zhu Er and Wei Zuocai drama in Chao Yang Gou opera

Ivanka Trump and Chinese enw year

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Jingle Poetry Poetry Potluck Week 50, in the 8th year of blogging, we celebrate 9/10/2010 to 9/10/2017, we cross the year 2017, jumping into year 2018..


Thursday, October 12, 2017

7th blogging anniversary for Jingle Poetry Potlucks, 9/10/2010 ---9/10/2017, 7 years and 32 days,


john Weinmann, Rann Wang, William Sear, they are powerful hands at Tulane Law School

   Pat Quinn is a good fellow from Illinois state

Velma Schmidt, James Laney,  yu cheng, xiao bei, tao lizheng, yao yao, linzhi wu, they are incredible mathematians

   John Caddell and Joyce Caddell are good faculty there,
so do Wayne Clough, we love Wa Ga Ya sushi there

   vanessa jefferson and amelia sanders, they make friend with alison schmidt and alison wu

Saturday, June 10, 2017

poetry picnic week 45, world peace year 6, short story slam week 70, all by Stephan Peter Carl Victor Hudson and Kate Neal Virginia Ann Hargis

World Peace Year Sixth, counting from 2012, to 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017, we are going strong and profound

 Image result for amanda pan at ossm 

Image result for amanda pan at ossm  ryan field, june 21, 2014, 

Image result for amanda pan at ossm 

Image result for tech crunch and yahoo  mariss mayer, friendly figure with Michael Arrington

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Jeff Bezos, Larry Page, and sheryl Kara Sandberg, mike Pence, and John Yunwood Trump

short story slam week 70, Football players and fathers day cheers 

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Image result for richard yang and willa xie
saint Augustine

Image result for frank wang, deney lee, paul ryan    

Image result for donald trump, george bush, barack obama  donald trump and barack obama
Image result for donald trump, george bush, barack obama  lovely family, William Barron Trump is proud

Many years before
They had made a pact
On a Tuesday in June
That should they
Both be alone
On this particular Tuesday in June
They would meet
At the same Antique store

As she walked through the doorway
She was pleasantly surprised
To find
An antique...
Very much to her liking

poem by 

Dee Daffodil

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Day feature, Happy Holidays to Followers, Your poems are our Christmas gifts around the web

poem- traditions December 24, 2016

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Far from home,
surrounded by brown desert,
in a hotel room, alone,
a podcast plays the annual
Christmas Eve story
and the holiday arrives
despite the lack of snow,
or children.

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Standing in the woods,
I paused,
seeing the stretch of wilderness,
I hear the wind whispering secrets in my ear,
I feel the air,
rushing into my body as I take in one deep breath.
In the silence,
I hear my own breath,
I feel my muscles relax,
I stand there in the nature,
I feel the reconnection,
building up,
the calmness within,
surging and waiting to be released,
to form a circle around me.
A pillar of strength crystalising,
like the leaves settling around my feet;
I feel energized,
ready and prepared,
to take on,
2017’s set of cards.

 Image result for merry christmas from lulu

besides featuring two poems from our followers, Shawn Bird,
and ,
we add a few poets at large, who blog without typing, who write without frowning,
a huge big thanks go to  Trenton Gibbons, Kirby Hockensmith, Nathan Gibbons,
Sam Chott, Paul Moses, Elias Brinkman, James Whisenhunt, Matt Fionard,
Michaela Flonard, Kayleigh Thesenvitz, Hannah Kloppenburg, Asa Hutchinson,
Mike Beebe, Sam Brownback, Mike sharp,Tim Bhakta, Sam Lux, Chandler Boese,
Lexanna Sims, Frank Wang, Chris Francisco, Phillip Noel, Cynthia Brown,
Brad Henry, Woody Guthrie, Mary Chapman, Robert Noyce, Alissa Schapiro,
Sophia Bollag, Camille Benredjick, Lisa Storm, Sandy Wright, Riika Infinity,
Gloria Page, Anderson Cooper, Nicholas Zeppos, Sarah Constantin,
Charles Haydon, Eric Trump, Jared Kushner, Fredrick Christ, Christina Fallin,
Todd Lamb, Laynie Henry, Sam Kerns, Mike Pence, Donald Trump, Sasha Obama,
Charlotte Rodham, Jennifer Stone,  Laura Bush, Jenna Bush, Bill clinton, Christy Fine,
Tom Lee, David Dobkin, Matt Hinman, Tom Lee Wu, Chris Wang, Ruyu Liu,
Grace Lu, Sophie Chang, Karena Yan, Ann Mayer, Yongcui Yan, Lu Xiaohua,
Li Donghua, Zhou Huiju, Meng Ying, Dong Qing, Chai Lu, Wang Min, Peng
Shenghua, Peng Hanqing, Huang Cui E, Yu Bingyu, Yan Simei, Wu Jialiang,
Peng xiansheng, Peng Chunzhi, Peng Huojun, He Jinyuan, Yan Qun, Suo Feng,
ann Harigs, burns Hargis, David Henneberry,Pam Fry, Zhao Xin, Tang Kun,
Wang Zhiwen, Tan Xiaoyan, Zhang Xiaoyan, Feng Shui e, Feng Wen, Lin qingxia
Wu Jiahong, Sheng Wu, aime Wood, Lawrence Page, Sally Asher, Emily Farris,
Jim Murphy, Jian Cao, Morton Schapiro, Julio Onttino, Sam Raune, William Jaco
Amelia wilson, jonathan rosenberg, ning ju, john kerry, thomas pickens,
 Image result for merry christmas from lulu

Image result for merry christmas from lulu

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